What’s more relaxing than a cozy chair? A warm cup of coffee? How about a safe place for heart-to-heart discussions and new perspectives. That’s what you’ll find in the conversations below. Ready?

Let’s unwind the mind. 

Social Pressures Impacting Young Adults

In conversation with Trent Reagan, an awesome 18-year-old young adult

Cancer Care Series: Part 1, The Diagnosis

In conversation with Irita Reagan, as she shares about her cancer journey and ways to cope with diagnosis.

Homeschooling Tips During COVID

In conversation with Irita Reagan, homeschooling expert, mom of 3

Cancer Care Series: Part 2, Navigating through Treatment

In conversation with Irita Reagan. She provides tips and strategies for the treatment journey.

Coping with Job Loss

In conversation with Cassandra Tanner, who experienced sudden and unexpected job loss

Cancer Care Series: Part 3, Adjusting and Finding Hope in the Cancer Journey

In conversation with Irita Reagan, she shares coping strategies, her hopes and how she has peace. Be encouraged!

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