• Referral Discount

    We’d love for you to tell your friends about us! If you refer a friend to us, they will get 10% off of their first session and you will get 10% off of your next session! Just let us know when you schedule. 🙂

    Silver Discount

    We know aging can be challenging for everyone. There are many things that can be difficult, including finding access to affordable, effective therapy. To honor all of our clients over 60, we offer a 10% off discount for all of your sessions. We appreciate and respect your wisdom and life-experience.

    Veterans Discount

    We are thankful and indebted to all of our veterans and current military service members. Luz specializes in treating trauma and has experience working with members of the military who are struggling with adverse mental health effects from their service.

    We are offering all veterans, current service members, and their spouses a 10% discount for all of their sessions.

    Please let us know when you schedule a session with us! We’d love to serve you as you have served us.

    We appreciate you!

    We are thankful for every single one of our clients. Our goal is to make therapy accessible and personalized for every person. We’d like to acknowledge a few groups of our clients by offering a few special promotions.

    During the year we have many special short-term promotions, so make sure to keep an eye on our social media so you don’t miss any limited-time only discounts!