• Empowering individuals to overcome trauma, conquer anxiety, and strengthen marriages.

    Embark on a transformative experience with my services that prioritize neuroplasticity, harnessing the brain’s innate capacity for change. Whether you’re seeking relief from trauma, overcoming anxiety, or enhancing your marital bonds, I am dedicated to empowering you every step of the way. Si, hablámos Español.

    Greetings, I’m Luz Marina Lopez

    A Licensed Mental Health Professional and Christian Counselor. My passion lies in harmonizing science and faith to guide individuals and couples through trauma and relationship challenges.

    Struggling with intrusive memories, anxiety, or relationship tension? Wondering how to break free from the weight of the past? Let’s explore the path to healing together. If you are ready to untangle these knots and embrace a future filled with resilience and connection, let’s unwind your mind..

    Client Love Notes…

    “ I have been suffering for many years with past traumas, I tried many different things along the way with little to no results. One session with Luz was life changing.”


    Client Love Notes…

    “This is a place where a believer can see the intricacies of His design! In my session with Luz I gained a different perspective. I saw the complexities of the mind and my ability to be restored, rather than feeling broken.”

    – LILY

    Client Love Notes…

    “Let’s begin with how amazing Luz is… something about her voice, the peace, the serenity of the way she explains things, it makes you understand and think deeply about the situation you are going through. Not only came out feeling better, but with a new concept, a new way of thinking that has helped for months now. I can still hear her voice talking to me with a situation comes. All I have to say to Luz is THANK YOU and may God bless you for helping others. You are an angel and I have nothing but gratitude towards you. ”


    Client Love Notes…

    Luz is an amazing therapist and uses her technique to take your anxieties away in a very specific way. I had two sessions with Luz because I was stuck in a very bad pattern of eating and now I am able and continue to be able to stick to my diet and feel freedom from that bad pattern of eating. I have lost 8lbs and counting. Thank you so much for this gift, Luz. You’re the best!!!


    Client Love Notes…

    “The help I’ve received with Mrs. Lopez’s sessions has been very beneficial to me in dealing with my anxiety and depression. I like that it’s not about continuously reliving your past experiences over and over or just talking about your feelings. It actually changed the way l felt from the inside out.”


    Client Love Notes…

    I have been to a therapist before, but i have NEVER had a session like that. Luz explained her process every step of the way. Everything she said to me made sense. After my first session I felt as though the could master my physical therapy and no one could tell me differently. I have scheduled additional sessions and I would highly recommend Luz.


    Client Love Notes…

    “It is definitely another type of therapy, since it is based more on practice, it helped me a lot and made me feel very good, Luz Marina is a really capable person who gives you confidence, I highly recommend her.”


    Client Love Notes…

    I had some anger and resentment towards someone that caused me a lot of issues and continued to make my life difficult. The resentment was making my life hard because I felt angry every time I saw her, causing me to take out my frustrations on my family. I finally decided to do something about it. Someone referred me to Luz Marina because they had really good results after meeting with her for their relationship issues. I called her and scheduled a session. We met twice and I don’t know how it happened but the resentment and anger were gone. I couldn’t believe it and I can’t fully understand how it happened but we spoke, she helped me see things differently, and the sting from what this person did to me was completely gone.


    Client Love Notes…

    From my previous experience with therapy, I would always feel sad, questioning myself, and it would take me a long time to process my emotions and open up. But, this time it was different. Luz helped me to understand my mind and thoughts. Through this therapy session I was able to speak from the top of my mind and express my emotions easily. After the session I felt at peace. In the beginning of the session I was nervous, but Luz did a great job with making me feel comfortable. She was great ! She was very patient with me, understanding, and a great listener. She would repeat to me what I said to confirm her understanding and that’s what I liked the most. I never thought I would be able to such quick results after 1 session of therapy. I would definitely recommend Luz to others.


    Client Love Notes…

    What a Blessing finding Luz. Thank you Lord! I started feeling horrible- never, ever in my life have I ever felt this awful before, and a friend of mine told me a neighbor of hers was helped by Luz, so I decided to give her a call. After a 2-hour session with her, I started to feel calmer, the pressure wasn’t as much and I felt much better. Now I feel I’m in the road to recovery. And even though it might take me some time, I feel I’m going to recuperate from a mild anxiety/panic attack and I owe it to her. She’s very pleasant and soothing. Makes you feel great in minutes. Thank you Luz, May God bless you always so you can keep helping people that really need you!!

    -M. GIL

    Client Love Notes…

    “I felt a burden lifted off my shoulders. Not only did my mental state improve but I also felt better physically. She is a gift from God for me.”


    Client Love Notes…

    “I received therapy when I lived in my country before moving to Miami. While in Miami, I went through some difficulties and went to Luz Marina Lopez for help because I was having a lot of anxiety. Her way of doing therapy is very unique. For the first time in therapy, I felt that something changed in me, naturally. She had a special way of connecting with me, it was like she really understood what I was feeling and had a solution. Through the session I felt comfortable and relaxed and I literally felt like something changed inside of me. I arrived crying and with little hope and left surprised, with peace, and even smiling! It was incredible.”


    You may be emotionally stuck if…

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