• Where Does Fear Come From?


    Fear is one of the first emotions that a person faces. Young boys and girls are scared of all sorts of things, the monsters in their closets or under their beds, thunderstorms, or being apart from mom and dad. Fear is ingrained in our humanity, and sometimes our brain even uses it to protect us. Once you’ve put your hand on a hot stove and felt the painful consequence, your brain will be very afraid to do it again. Fear sure serves its purpose in this situation! However, fear has a way of taking hold and burrowing into your mind. Fears can come from the most unreasonable places, but your mind has the knack for making them seem very reasonable. Here’s the most important part-you don’t have to let fear control you! There are ways to manage and even eliminate them. Let’s work up the courage to look underneath the bed and in the closet, and figure out how to overcome these fears.


    Key takeaways Fear can come from nearly anywhere and have many causes. The source of fear for many people is future events or possibilities. You might have anxiety because you feel like you’re not prepared for the future, which can turn into fear. Why do we worry about the future instead of welcoming it? It’s easy to let the negative possibilities cloud the positive ones, even if you’re not a pessimist. Here’s the truth: worry won’t get you anywhere. Sometimes you can even convince yourself that worry can be productive, and use it to cover up your underlying fear of the future. The unknown part of the future is often what makes you afraid of it, but that’s just what you can use to overcome it! You don’t know what the future holds, and you can’t control it, and rest in that. Live in the moment, and be thankful for what you have right now, because it is the only thing you can control.


    While the future is unknown, you definitely know your own past all too well. Often, your brain holds on to shameful, dangerous, or traumatic events in your past, and brings them up again and again like a broken record. These bad memories can make you afraid of things that trigger the same feeling. While it might seem impossible, you can learn to release this trauma and separate the negative emotions, like fear, from it. You don’t have to resign to “carry your trauma” and live afraid, excusing the negative effects that it has on your life!

    If you deal with fear or other negative emotions that come from trauma, please contact me. I have helped many people release trauma and overcome the fear that comes along with it, and I would love to help you live free of fear.


    Fears can also come from more specific situations or events, which can often be irrational and extreme. The most common phobia is glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking. If your fear is triggered by a specific situation, like speaking in front of people, you probably have a physical reaction that comes along with it. If you are afraid of public speaking, your mouth probably goes dry, your knees go weak, your voice starts shaking, and your plans go out the window!

    Other common sources of fear are spiders, close spaces, heights, flying, and even clowns. Many of these fears can get in the way of your life, but you don’t have to live with them. It’s possible for you to break free of these traumas. If you feel panic or fear coming on, first remember to breathe! Deep breaths might only seem useful for women in labor, but it’s proven to help reduce stress levels drastically! After you’ve controlled your breathing, take a moment to assess if you are actually in danger. Even if you’re not in danger, your fears are still legitimate, although maybe unreasonable.

    Face your fears in a healthy way, take small steps to expose yourself to the source of your fear and teach your brain that it doesn’t need to be afraid. If you still struggle with your fears, find someone to talk to, either a licensed therapist or someone you trust!


    While people are familiar with these types of fear, often people don’t realize that their fear can have spiritual origins, and solutions! The Bible says in 1 Timothy that “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” Fear can deftly overtake you and even worse, make you feel like your lack of faith is the reason for your fear. There are many things to be afraid of in this world, and it is our human tendency to forget that God is sovereign over everything from the smallest fear to the biggest one. If you are a believer, you don’t have to let these temporary things make you afraid. The Bible is filled with Scriptures telling you not to fear! Remind yourself that God is in control, not your fear.

    Fear can be devastating and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to control or interrupt your life! It can come from many places and take many forms, but you don’t have to live with it. If you deal with fears and have been unable to overcome them, schedule a free Discovery Call with me today! I would love to show you how to live free of the spirit of fear, and discover your God-given sound mind.