• My Story..

    Growing up, I experienced lots of pain and suffering.  My mom, a single-parent, was working hard to make it as an immigrant and had to leave us in the care of extended family. Unfortunately, that home was very dysfunctional due to verbal abuse and addiction. To top it off I also experienced severe bullying in school. The pressures of home and school made me anxious and angry. I wanted to feel confident and free from the sadness, pain and loneliness I was feeling but I didn’t know how to change. So, one day, I hopped on a city bus and ended up at a local bookstore. I immersed myself in the world of emotions, the human brain, and the factors that drive change. That marked the beginning of my journey towards healing. I was 14 years old.

    What’s interesting is that I don’t see those tough years as wasted. They’re a vital part of my life story, shaping the way I understand what you might be going through when you walk into my office. I’m not just spouting off textbook knowledge; I’ve lived it, and that adds a level of authenticity to our connection.

    Here’s a nugget of wisdom I’ve picked up:

    Our deepest hurts can fuel some incredible motivation. Pain doesn’t have to break us; it can make us stronger and inspire others on the same path. I’m a firm believer in transformation from within because I’ve lived it, and I genuinely believe you can too.

    Now, let’s talk about the unexpected turn in my journey. I found faith. I used to be all about science trumping everything, but life nudged me to expand my horizons. I explored the Gospel, delved into historical documents, did my research, and ended up embracing Christianity. Turns out, science and faith can coexist under the umbrella of an awesome Creator!

    As a therapist, I see you holistically – mind, body, and soul. My goal is to leverage my expertise to help you heal and transform. So, are you ready to dive into this journey of resilience, faith, and unlocking your incredible potential? Let’s have a conversation about it.


    My Work

    I am a Licensed Mental Health Professional.

    I hold a graduate degree from Capella University in Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I am trained and certified in treating trauma and mental health disorders. My experience is extensive; I’ve worked with clients in crisis care, substance abuse treatment, facilities for severe and persistent mental illnesses, in marriage and family therapy and have facilitated small group sessions. My special training and years of experience allow me to help you achieve the emotional freedom you are looking for.

    Marrying Science and Compassion

    I’m able to maintain a careful balance between rigorous scientific practice and compassionate intuitive care. This is unique in my field, even though it shouldn’t be. Unfortunately many mental health professionals get in the way of their clients’ success by prioritizing methods that are overly analytical and burdened by slow painful progress. I prefer results over diagnosis and relief over coping, so you can return to living a healthy, confident life as quickly as possible.