• What type of session works best for you?

    Individual Sessions

    Could you use an expert opinion on what you’re going through? Are you hesitant to talk to others about your problems?

    We can go at your pace, and work on healing without an overly painful, drawn-out process. Many other therapists will focus on the diagnosis instead of the results, but my goal is to teach you the ability to heal and achieve emotional freedom instead of just coping.

    If you’ve been struggling with any aspect of your mental health, individual therapy could be your answer!


    Life can be busy, and you have plenty of other commitments and responsibilities. It's easy to let your mental health sit on the back burner. Maybe even the thought of adding another obligation to your busy schedule is overwhelming.

    Telehealth allows you to tackle your mental health wellness goals via live video conferencing. You can meet me for a virtual session anywhere you have a computer or smartphone. Your mental health goals are still achievable with a tele-health session today.

    Couples' Counseling

    Do you feel like your relationship is stuck at a standstill, or falling off a cliff? Are you and your spouse drifting away from each other? Maybe your relationship is in crisis, and needs help now or it'll break!

    No matter how big or small the issue that you're dealing with is, spending time working on your relationship will be worth it. You can both learn to communicate your feelings kindly and effectively, but most importantly you can start to see your spouse not as your enemy but your other half.

    How am I different?

    No strain, all heart and brain.

    You can be free from your emotional pain quickly and permanently. Unlike traditional methods, my approach targets the emotional and subconscious parts of your brain directly. I use techniques such as guided imagery, storytelling, and transformational communication to retrain your brain to function properly. I won’t unnecessarily make you relive past trauma or pain, but help to relieve you from it. It’s possible that you might experience significant relief in your first session– even if everything else has failed.

    Weeks, not years.

    My style of therapy will bring you life-changing results in as few as three sessions. Traditional methods usually drag on for years of slow and painful treatment, during which you are encouraged to be fully dependent on your therapist for your well-being. With my approach, you can expect to regain mental and emotional freedom within several weeks. I want to empower you to heal.

    All disorders, phobias, and traumas, gone.

    Rest assured: it is possible for you to feel calm, balanced and free again. I specialize in the treatment of a wide range of mental conditions including anger, trauma, anxiety, phobias, and many others. Whatever you are suffering from, trust me, there is hope.

    You don’t have to work on yourself.

    You don’t have to “work on yourself.” You don’t have to work at all. Instead we are going to take an exciting journey through your five senses, letting the natural automatic processes of your subconscious do all the work. Your brain is built for healing!

    Clinically Proven Transformations

    My approach is firmly rooted in science, driven by empirical evidence, and filled with compassion. You should be able to trust your therapist, and trust that the success of your treatment is not based on a hunch but a track record of results. My methods have proven to be incredibly effective, and you can trust me to provide you with the best care possible.

    It’s not your lack of faith.

    If you’re a you believer you have probably considered the false belief that your mental and emotional struggles are due to your lack of faith. Think about it this way. It’s natural for your car to eventually need repairs every so often, especially after a wreck. Similarly, it’s natural for your mind to need healing from everyday wear, and especially after going through painful events. In both cases, you can use helpful tools to fix the broken parts. Using these tools does not diminish your faith or adeptness; they are only tools. Mental health can be influenced by your relationship with God, but your faith is not always the reason for your struggles.