• Cost

    One of the obvious benefits of using your health insurance benefits is the reduced cost. While my private-pay rates are reasonable compared to other specialized therapy practices, usually it is more affordable to use your health insurance benefits.


    When you use insurance, there will be some time constraints at your sessions. Usually, insurance providers require that sessions last for 45 minutes. Even with limited time, we will still get great work done, even if we have to skip some of the small talk. 🙂

    Privacy Limitations

    When you use health insurance benefits to cover the cost of a session, providers are required to submit claims to insurance companies for payment reimbursement. These claims include identifying information (name, DOB, etc.), the date of the session, and your treatment plan.

    For insurance to cover the session, they require for your session to be a “medical necessity”, which means a diagnosis has to be listed on the insurance claim. This diagnosis will also appear on your medical record.

    When paying privately, the steps mentioned above are not necessary because payment is handled directly between you and my office.

    Whether you choose to use your health insurance benefits or pay privately, the content of our sessions is confidential, and I will always respect your privacy. The only time a therapist has to breach confidentiality is when someone expresses intent of hurting themselves or someone else.

    Accepted Insurances


    AllSavers UHC



    Golden Rule

    Harvard Pilgrim


    Oxford Health Plans


    UHC Student Resources



    Insurance + Private Pay

    Most of us are familiar with using insurance benefits. The process is much of the same everywhere, looking through a list of in-network providers, making an appointment, and sometimes paying a small copay.

    Insurance is a useful tool that can help you get the medical help you need. However, there are some differences between insurance benefits and private pay.

    The decision is yours to make, but I want to make sure that you completely understand so that you can make the best decision for yourself, your family, and your mental health!